The wines of Arnaldo Crociani and his son Giorgio are on sale in Italy in shops dealing in fine wines, and overseas, particularly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Denmark, Belgium and Sweden.

With these countries Crociani has important business relations and also maintains a steady promotional activity for wine and tourism, organizing tastings for private customers as well.

The estate’s wines are also exported to the United States and Japan, while they are sold directly at the cellar in the old centre of Montepulciano, in Via del Poliziano n.15.

Here, in a lovely old underground cellar dating back to the 14th century where the wine matures in oak barrels, Crociani holds tastings of wines and other typical products.

In this environment where time seems to stand still, visitors are captivated by the warmth of Tuscan hospitality and the wonderful flavour of the wines which so perfectly match the local gastronomic specialities. These are the elements which make the tastings in the Crociani cellar a special event, meeting the needs of both the expert and the amateur.

Another interesting feature for visitors to the cellar is the recently discovered underground passage, now partially in use, in which traces reveal the possible former site of an Etruscan tomb.
Arnaldo and Giorgio Crociani also produce grappa, extra virgin olive oil, honey and plum jam.

Deliveries all over Italy and Europe