ARNALDO CROCIANI, carrying on the family tradition, spent his lifetime amongst barrels, bottles and flasks, and with dedication and passion he applied his mastery to the winemaking art, respecting his father and grandfather’s wishes. At his death, his children Giorgio and Susanna carried on that legacy, but also with the influence of youth and desire to ensure that the wine carries on to a new generation. Their mission is to ensure that the dynasty of Crociani carries on.

His children now carry on the family tradition.
Now, after the premature death of her brother, Susanna goes on with the same passion that has been the founding stone of the family business.
The Crociani Estate is owner of vineyards situated at Le Caggiole, one of the most attractive areas in the heart of the Vino Nobile production area.
The vineyards, covering about 10 hectares, are on medium-textured soils well-suited to the growth of the vine and producing superb vintages year on year. The grapes are handpicked and then taken to a cellar close to the vineyard where the wine is made. The wine is aged in the fourteenth-century cellars in the upper part of the old centre of Montepulciano and in the cellar in San Biagio’s area.
Since 2006 the Crociani Estate offers fantastic hospitality in the picturesque “Agriturismo Il Cantastorie”, surrounded by their vineyards and with a breathtaking view of Montepulciano. Each apartment has it’s own entrance with excellent facilities and a magnificent swimming pool looking towards Montepulciano.