Wine and folklore find a unique combination in Arnaldo Crociani. He is a genuine dramatist - choir member, performer in the "Bruscello" and the "Sega La Vecchia" (musical representations of old popular tradition), ballad singer, minstrel and poet. His gift for communication and extraordinary rapport with the public combined with his wit and spirit of observation make him a likeable, entertaining character, a real "Tuscan". About Vino Nobile ....
When I uncork you, bottle of mine,
I have the delight of tasting your wine.
It brings pleasure and cheer
every moment of the year,
It is fragrant in smell
and with roast meat goes well.
Vino Nobile di Montepulciano is its name
"Di Origine Controllata e Garantita" its fame.
[Arnaldo Crociani Cellarman and Minstrel]